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Foreign Businessmen Visiting Guangzhou Chemicals for an on-the-spot Investigation During Canton Fair

Release date:2019/11/20

In October, the seesaw battle for expanding the market by Guangzhou Chemicals continued, which, while improving its development, has acquired fruitful results by means of the two-front war, the booths and the headquarters, in the new opportunities that the annual autumn Canton Fair has brought. Many foreign businessmen successively came to the company for field visits, agreeing to further deepen cooperation for a common development.

During this period, the customers of Daily Chemicals Cleaning Department visited the company, and fully affirmed the good qualification and reputation of Guangzhou Chemicals, as well as high-quality products and services, expressing the hope to further deepen the two-side cooperation.

After the completion of the task scheduled for Canton Fair, the relevant business personnel of the Ceramic Chemistry Department, at the request of their customers, went back immediately to Guangzhou Chemicals for a visit with the customers, after visiting the suppliers.By means of the on-the-spot visit, the customers have had a sufficient knowledge of the company's development history, corporate culture, spiritual outlook of its employees, products and other advantages, laying a solid foundation for deepening cooperation between the two sides.

In the face of the unpredictable international trade situation, the business team of the company, since October, have attracted several groups of overseas customers to the company for investigation and exchange, on the strength of their sincerity, win-win concept and excellent product quality, as well as with the aid of the grand platform of Canton Fair, effectively promoting the sustainable development of the company's international trade business.